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“In April of 2011, Loecke Building Service was awarded the contract for an 11 unit addition to Stoney Brook Assisted Living , West Union, IA.  They began working on the project immediately.  We couldn’t be more pleased with the progress of the project.  They have been extremely careful to work with reputable sub contractors and have ensured at every stage that things are running smoothly and in a timely manner.  Dave and Don Loecke have been extremely pleasant to work with and we can confidently recommend them for any project.  It is obvious that they take great pride in their work and we certainly could not have found a better company to work with.”

Kathryn Moser, Owner/Administrator

Stoney Brook Village Assisted Living

West Union, IA

"I enjoy working with Loecke Building Service, Inc.  They have successfully completed several projects I designed and they have always performed professionally, competently, and within the time frame specified.  They are definitely on my preferred contractor list."


Usher Architecture LLC

206 2nd St SE

Independence, IA  50644

AHTS Architects has an extensive history of working with Loecke Building Service. Projects we have worked together on include both competitive bids and negotiated work in the public and private sectors.  Loecke Building Services have always provided excellent work in a professional manner. We are very pleased to recommend Loecke Building Service to anyone looking for a top-flight general contractor.


During our years of experience in working with Loecke Building Services we have found them to be very cost competitive. Their initial pricing has always been very good whether it was a bid or negotiated project. They have always been reasonable with costs for change orders or changes in scope of the project and have been proactive in looking for the most cost effective alternatives to best meet the projects objectives.


Loecke Building Services has provided excellent workmanship on all of our projects and have demonstrated real pride in the quality of their work. They make sure that the subcontractors, that they employ, on the project complete the work as specified and follow up on all repairs and/or corrections that occur after a project is completed. We have found that they pay close attention to the plan details and work hard to understand and carry out the intent of those details. They do a good job anticipating potential problems and work as a team player in resolving construction issues that arise on the job site.


Loecke Building Services does an excellent job of managing the project schedule and are flexible in accommodating the owner’s scheduling needs.


We, AHTS Architects, give our highest recommendation to Loecke Building Services and are available to discuss our experiences with anyone interested in working with Loecke Building Service.




AHTS Architects, PLC


Martin P. Holst, AIA


“I'm pleased to recommend Loecke Building Service, Inc. to your organization. Over the past six years, I worked directly with Don Loecke on numerous remodel projects at the district. Their services and craftsmanship are top-notch, and West Delaware have been very pleased with the work they've done for us.   


Through the years, Loecke Building Services, Inc. has been on time and on budget with their projects for our school. I recommend them without hesitation and would hire them again if given the opportunity.”

Ron Swartz

Director of Buildings, Grounds & Transportation

West Delaware County Community School District

701 New Street

Manchester, IA 52057


“My name is Meredith (Red) Olsen and I am one of the members of the Advisory Board for the Church of Christ United in Winthrop, Iowa. On our boards behalf, I wanted to write a note of thank you, expressing our deepest thanks for your excellent workmanship, punctuality, friendliness and adaptability as to our church renovation project.  It has been a most pleasant journey from its onset, watching and working with your entire crew.  They have all been most helpful and cooperative and generous with your assistance in its renovation.  All of your contractors worked so well together.  It is coming to a beautiful end shortly and I will miss sharing in that.  Your work ethics are impeccable and you all should be congratulated for it.  If anyone wants to see what you do they are welcome to come visit our church.  Just give me a call and I will gladly show you around.  Thank you all so very much.”